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Office Visit Reference Sheets

At each well care visit, your provider will discuss the feeding and development of your child and perform growth assessments and developmental screens.

In addition, at each of your child’s visits in the first two years you will receive a reference sheet detailing some of the developmental guidelines and milestones, as well as guidelines for feeding and home safety.  When it comes to feeding and development, there is incredible individuality. The guidelines are just that, not hard fast rules, nor should they be a source of stress for you and your developing child.  By all means, if you have any nutritional or developmental concerns, please feel free to discuss them with your provider.


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Self Management

Stay involved in your child’s care.  Tools to help you manage your child’s chronic medical condition.

Your doctors and their colleagues at BCD HealthPartners have compiled a list of resources to help you manage your child’s chronic medical condition.   These include links to sites with valuable information and as well as tools you can print out and use at home.

Is your child sick?

The healthychildren.org symptom checker from the American Academy of Pediatrics is an excellent resource when your child is ill. Select from over 100 symptoms to read more about managing your child’s illness, grouped by body part or A-Z index. Includes dosage charts for:

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Mental Health Resources

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